Post coitum wear

We have released an original edition of t-shirts made of 100% cotton to go with each product. They are so nice that you will want to wear them not just “post coitum”.
Want one? You cannot buy it, sorry. But you can win it – if you scratch the fields on the multipacks. It’s like a fruit machine, but you stand a better chance of winning.
Find the same three symbols and win great prizes. Everyone can win! Warning: scratch more than three fields and you are disqualified.

  • Buy any Primeros 12-pack in the new packaging design. There are eight scratch fields on the reverse side of the box.
  • Carefully, scratch three fields. Every pack can win – you just have to aim right. See three same symbols? Congratulations, you are the lucky winner!
  • Send the pack to: „DK PRIMEROS“, DER KURIER Česká Republika spol. s r. o., Dopraváků 749/3, 184 00, Praha 8– Dolní Chabry, and don’t forget to include your name, address, email or telephone, so that we know where to send your prize. Our gift will be with you soon - enjoy ;)

Rules (PDF)

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