Ribbed and Dotted

No rest
with this
wild child.

She looks like a good Italian Catholic girl. But this is where the similarity ends. There are more things on her sleeve than her heart. She is the type that never gets “headaches”. If carnal pleasures are not on your mind, do not go to hers thinking that you will just cuddle in front of the telly. You will always be jealous of her little dog.

Ribbed and dotted condom for intensive stimulation.
Subtle coconut scent.
Anatomically flared shape & transparent.
Condom width: 54 mm, length: 190 mm
Medical-grade silicone oil provides sensual lubrication.
Without spermicides, parabens and other yucky things.
Electronically tested, so it is 100% reliable – unless the human factor fails.
The pack is easy to open and glows in the dark.
Suitable for vegans, animal lovers, and composting enthusiasts.
Made from fair natural latex grown in the Malay Peninsula.
Klaus Richter's condom manufacture is committed to sustainable development, JAWOHL!

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